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Our Market Development Division

Formally established in 2015, Clearport’s Market Development Division helps Businesses and Investors (whether in Canada / U.S. or abroad) to grow, expand, discover new opportunities, and face economic downturns.

In many ways, Clearport Market Development is your own expert business development and sales force, with research, market know-how, marketing and sales capabilities, plus valuable networks (the “know-who”) to find the right opportunities that best fit your needs.

For many of our Market Development Businesses clients, our services in this division are a variable cost. In the case of related services that support your Market Development needs, transparent fees and a clear value add to you let you decide which of these related services you want to engage.

And for our Market Development Investor clients, we act as consultants supplying market research, networks and connections, business analysis, opportunity finding, vetting and negotiation, and more, including Immigration Services and Student Mobility Services when needed.

Our Services

Clearport Market Development represents leading Canadian, U.S., Latin American and Southeast Asian Businesses, which we have helped to gain new markets, clients and projects, form partnerships, sell and acquire businesses, and enter or expand new geographic markets.  These client companies, together, amass a broad range of capabilities that provide products and effective solutions for Private and Public Clients, Utilities, General Contractors, Developers and other firms and projects across several industries.

We have also helped Investors abroad to invest in Canada, finding opportunities, distributors, partners, and investment opportunities here. With these services, we also aim to open paths for Investors to immigrate to Canada and be eligible for Permanent Residence. We even provide related services, like support for their children to study in Canada.

Our Market Development Services can be a great tool to grow existing businesses through new market development efforts, increases in market penetration, and other venues (which may include new product development).

For new businesses, Clearport Market Development helps through finding markets, diversification efforts, and market development at large.

Clearport Market Development-New and Existing Graphic

Related Services

Many Businesses that engage our Market Development services can also benefit from other services offered by Clearport, such as Human Capital Management (HCM) services to Recruit or Assess Staff in Canada and/or the U.S. 

Investors abroad that want to invest in Canada using our Market Development Services may also use our HCM services to Recruit or Assess personnel. Many also use our Immigration services, or even our Student Mobility services if they have children in school.

The Opportunity

Post-Covid, the Canadian Economy is expected to quickly bounce back, creating many opportunities for Canadian businesses and for Investors abroad that want to invest in Canada.

Canada Economy will Bounce Back Strong After COVID

The Canadian economy will bounce back strongly in 2021 and continue to grow at a steady pace in 2022. This is reported in an upgraded national economic outlook by the OECD (the Paris-based Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), and in the latest provincial economic forecast by the CBOC (Ottawa-based Conference Board of Canada).

This strong economic outlook, more significant than indicated by previous forecasts and expected to varying degrees in all Canadian provinces, will be fueled by: the growing rhythm and coverage of COVID-19 vaccination; resulting reductions in COVID-19 restrictions; and increasing activity in both internal and external demand, especially in energy, tourism, and exports. Other contributors to Canada’s economic recovery are the forecasted demand growth spurred by the fiscal package launched in March by the U.S., Canada’s own Federal and provincial economic measures, and higher worldwide prices for key commodities like oil.

There are indications in Canada’s most recent Federal Government Budget that, at least until the country is out of the global health crisis, it may keep in place some programs in support of businesses, families, and individuals. 

See our recent blog post on this for more information on Canada’s forecasted economic recovery.

Our Process

Process for Businesses (Canadian / U.S. or abroad): Our process for Businesses both in Canada and abroad includes 3 phases: Discover, Sell and Grow. We help you in every step through each of these phases, always with a sense of urgency and clear focus on results. From adapting your Service and/or Product offering to new markets, to post-sales services, we cover it all, for several needs a business may have, such as entering new markets; acquiring or selling a business; finding new clients, projects, or partners; and much more.

Clearport-Market Development Process for BusinessesProcess for Investors outside Canada: Our process for investors abroad that want to invest in Canada also involves 3 phases: Discover, Invest, Grow.  We start by understanding your goals and -from there- define areas of opportunity, strategy, mechanisms and plan; find the right opportunity matching your goals; and execute the plan. We follow this with post-investment services to help you to continue to grow.  In many cases, this process will lead to venues for Immigration to Canada and a clear path to Permanent Residence for qualified applicants.

Clearport-Market Development Process for InvestorsOur Expertise and Alliances

Through in-house expertise, international coverage (now expanding into the U.S.!), and a broad network of alliances, Clearport Market development can support your goals.

Why Invest in Canada?

4 Key Reasons

In his message included in the  recent “Invest Canada” report by the Government of Canada, the Prime Minister of Canada, the Honorable Justin Trudeau, stated 4 Key Reasons to invest in Canada:

the lowest average overall tax rate on new business investment in the G7, the strongest economic growth of all the G7 countries last year, the most highly educated workforce in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, and a government that is a ready and willing partner to businesses of all sizes”.

Source: Government of Canada, “Invest Canada” report

Notable recent Investments

Global Headquarters: Individual and Corporate Investors around the world are quickly recognizing that Canada better positioned than most countries to meet the challenges arising in the 21st century economy.  Per the mentioned “Invest Canada” report, world-leading organizations have decided to make significant investments to establish their Global Headquarters in Canada. Notable recent examples in this class include:

Source: Government of Canada, “Invest Canada” report

AI and Advanced Manufacturing: Also according to this report, notable recent investments in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced Manufacturing sectors include:

Source: Government of Canada, “Invest Canada” report

The right mix for Investors

Canada places emphasis in many aspects that are key to international investors and businesses: a political and economic environment that are stable and predictable; solid financial institutions and policies; a diverse economy that is quickly moving to digital, with open access to the world and connected to many global supply chains; strong cyber-security; growing infrastructure; an inclusive and multicultural society, with a wealth of skilled talent supported by deep-learning capabilities; programs to enrich and fuel innovation that are accessible to small, medium and large-size organizations, including startups.

A Wealth of Talent

Canada has abundant talent to support investors and business, as shown below:

Source: Government of Canada, “Invest Canada” report

A Global Tech Hub

With a population a little over 34 Million, Canada is quickly becoming the world’s Tech Incubator. More than 40% of all Research and Development scientists in Canada work in the ICT sector (Information and Communications Technology), as shown in the following Infographic:

Source: Government of Canada, “Invest Canada” report

A Great Place to Live In

Finally, Canada is a great place to live in, with a globally-leading quality of life and 33 of the Top-10 most livable cities in the world.

Source: Government of Canada, “Invest Canada” report

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When you become a Member, we can determine your needs, preferences and goals, and those of your family. This, with our extensive business network and expertise, allows us to find the right opportunities for you. We then start the opportunity vetting process to ensure a good fit.

As a Member, we give you all the information you need through your business or investment process to make good decisions. Then, we support you in every step with specialized assistance and services.

And if you want to invest in Canada, from the beginning we make sure to use the right long-term strategy, and that you meet initial requirements to apply for Permanent Residency when the time comes.

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