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Company History

We started operations in 2003 as a boutique Recruitment firm based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We have evolved since, adding new divisions and presence in Latin America, Europe, and Asia, and becoming a Mobility Company for International Students, Human Capital, Investors, and Businesses and Projects.

Our Divisions

Stating with our original Human Capital Management & Recruitment division, we have extended our services through new business divisions, which now include International Student Mobility, Market Development, and Immigration Services.

Human Capital Management (HCM) – For Employers

Our Human Capital Management (HCM) division is dedicated to recruit for Employers the right talent that they require to operate and grow. Since our foundation, we have expanded to source talent from all over the world, from laborers to even very senior, internationally experienced professionals in highly technical occupations. We now recruit not only for Canada, but for the United States and other markets as well.

Hiring the right talent can be 400% – 800% more productive

Our Tools for You

To find and hire High Performers, your organization, HR Department and Hiring Managers need to be supported with the right tools. 

This is why we now offer you a complete toolkit designed to be effective in the new digital reality to support your recruitment efforts, in making the right hiring decisions, and in retaining and developing talent in your organization:

  • A proven, ISO-certified and structured Digital Talent Acquisition (TAC) Process;
  • A TAC Certification for your HR Personnel;
  • METIS, a Digital Assessment Platform where you can centralize all Assessments for your personnel, both current and prospective;
  • Must-Have Assessments for personnel Vetting, Recruitment, Hiring and Development;
  • An English Language Assessment and Development Tool;
  • Foreign Recruitment Services; and
  • Immigration Services.

These tools are essential to make better, data-driven hiring decisions, and to assess and develop personnel. And now they are not only available to Employers in Canada, but also to organizations in the U.S.

1) TAC: Our ISO-Certified Digital Talent Acquisition Process

Clearport’s Recruitment process is designed to support Employers and Decision-Makers to make better hiring decisions, reduce Time-To-Hire and Cost-Per-Hire, support retention, and increase productivity.

Did you know that multiple recruitment studies have globally shown that…

  • More than 2/3 of Candidates are Passive, not actively looking for a job, so reaching them is difficult without the correct know-how and tools?
  • A Structured Recruitment Process can reduce Time-To-Hire by 50%?
  • The right process and tools can reduce Cost-Per-Hire by 50%?
  • Without proper Hiring and Onboarding, 25% of new hires will leave in the first year?

Per various recruitment industry research sources globally

TAC, our Digital Talent Acquisition process is structured and certified to ISO 30405 recruitment standards. 

It focuses on the best possible Person-Job fit, which can be objectively determined through:

  1. A structured Job Analysis that identifies the most important job tasks (those with higher frequency and impact);
  2. A defined Candidate Profile (skills, knowledge, and personality) based on the Job Analyses; and
  3. Structured Assessments that determine the degree to which Candidates match the Job Analysis and the desired Candidate Profile, allowing for data-driven, unbiased comparison of candidates and supporting better hiring decisions.

We divide our TAC process in 4 stages:

a) Attract: We address talent scarcity through a dynamic candidate data base, enriched by effectively using modern digital tools to target the right talent pool of potential candidates by media, location, qualifications, and profile. We attract candidates using transparent, respectful, appropriate, and effective communication with the right Reach, Employer Branding and Employer Value Proposition.

b) Assess: We evaluate the defined pool of candidates (as needed by the employer) through data-driven and unbiased Assessment Tools that ensure a strong Person-Job fit and the ability to make objective comparisons between candidates, such as:

  • Structured Interviews;
  • Employer-driven skills tests;
  • Personality, Cognitive (GMA), Customer Service, Motivation and Behavior Assessments; and
  • English Language Assessments.

c) Employ: Your hiring decisions are supported through the combined use of this data-driven, unbiased process and assessment tools. Together, these tools are a much stronger predictor of new hires’ work success and performance than other stand-alone vetting methods (for example, job interview and CV) or qualifications (i.e., Education, previous jobs, etc.).

d) Onboard: A well-designed and structured Onboarding process that nurtures a strong Person-Job fit can significantly improve New Hire retention, reducing turnover and cost, and increasing productivity.

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2) TAC Certification in Digital Talent Acquisition

Certification in Digital Recruitment Proficiency for your HR Personnel. Today’s talent market demands a new way of doing things. Access the right candidate pool for you, avoid costly mistakes, reduce Cost-per-Hire and Time-to-Hire, increase your HR processes efficiency, and hire the right people to improve your organization’s results.

Your HR personnel can get TAC, a valuable Certification in data-driven recruiting process, though a course built on ISO standards and taught by experienced psychologists and digital experts.

  • Official certification based on the ISO 30405 standard
  • Cover all main areas of data-driven talent acquisition
  • Download assets and tools for personal use
  • Progress built on hands-on exercises and real-life scenarios

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3) METIS Digital Assessment Platform

Can you truly value people without truly valuing data? Boost efficiency, minimize bias, reduce costs. Ensure the most profitable match of job and candidate.

  • Metis consolidates your employee assessment results in a single system.
  • This enables the shift to data-driven Human Resources strategies, plans and management and to evidence-based decisions.

Metis is an is intuitive and easy to use online platform that works across browsers, PCs, Laptops, and mobile devices. Our Recruiters are certified in the use of the METIS platform to support better hiring decisions. Your Company and HR Staff can also have direct access to this platform and get certified!

With Metis you get:

  • one workflow for all assessment needs
  • access to all your HR results and analyses
  • in-depth HR analytics across multiple assessments and candidates
  • proper handling and protection of personal data
  • reliable basis for overview and decision making

4) Must-Have Assessments for personnel Vetting, Recruitment, Hiring and Development 

Did you know that Industry research has also shown that 1 wrong hire can have an average cost close to CAD $80 Thousand?

Recruitment Statistics

Sources: Bo Eriksen, researcher w/ SDU, 2016; Brandon Hall Group 2015; and

Structured, reliable Assessments

We create equal opportunities through HR workflows and transparent, data-driven, unbiased Assessments and that drive performance.

We represent Master International in Canada. Based in Denmark, Master International is a leading worldwide provider of online Psychometric Assessments and HR Platforms.

Clearport Suite of Recruitment and Development Assessments

OPTO – Personality Test

  • Personality Test focused on preferred behaviors. It is a strong predictor of success at work for a new hire, and a powerful tool to guide personnel performance development plans:
  • Measures 3 Areas and 8 Dimensions of Personality through 20 Factors.
  • Person-Job Fit criteria is customized with your Hiring Manager and stakeholders
  • Ensures objective comparability of candidates.
  • Strong capability to support data-driven, unbiased, better hiring decisions.
  • Discern through the process of vetting candidates (i.e., for short-listing), or to decide who to hire.
  • Can also be used to assess existing personnel to:
    • determine potential for promotion or for lateral moves; or
    • define areas to improve as part of processes for Performance Review and Personnel Development Plans

Our Recruiters are certified as OPTO Test Professionals, in TAC-Digital Talent Acquisition, and in the METIS platform, to support you in the structured process of using these tools to make better hiring decisions: data-driven, unbiased, and with comparable candidates.

ACE-Cognitive (GMA) Test

ACE is a GMA, or General Mental Ability Test focused on skills. It assesses the individual’s reasoning potential and ability to acquire new knowledge, solve problems, create action plans, and make effective decisions.

  • Predict performance and future success. Discover the match between employee potential and job complexity
  • Assess logical and analytical reasoning
  • Evaluate ability for problem solving
  • Select the right person based on potential

If combined with OPTO:

  • Even more predictive power for job success
  • Deeper understanding of cognitive skills in combination with personality traits.

BRIGHT – Customer Service Assessment

Fast identification of star customer service assets. The best customer service gives your organization a competitive advantage. BRIGHT helps you screen the best candidates for customer service.

  • Easily spot high-performing service personnel
  • Save time and money by screening applicants before an interview
  • Conduct more relevant job interviews with fewer candidates
  • Cut down on employee turnover
  • Raise your overall customer satisfaction

EASI – Motivation and Behavior

Identify personality and drivers of existing employees and teams. Establish a common language for people-related issues. Assess, tune, and build winning teams and internal effectiveness Turn human idiosyncrasies into beneficial dynamics and commercial success. Assessment focused on:

  • employee communication,
  • work relational challenges,
  • personality-behavior correlation,
  • change management issues,
  • and more.

If you are interested in learning more about the Psychometric Assessments that we offer in Canada (METIS, OPTO, BRIGHT, EASI), or on tools for your HR Personnel (TAC-Digital Talent Acquisition Certification, or the METIS HR Platform), register as an Employer with Clearport to learn more. Registration is free!

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5) English Language Assessment and Development Tool

SRT: English, Numeracy and Document Use Assessment and Development Tool

When you have a diverse workforce of talented individuals, communication is key. SRT is designed to improve the English communication skills of Workers whose first language is not English, and for Temporary Foreign Workers:

  • Fully online, immediate Scores, Certification & Learning Plan.
  • Assesses English Skills, plus Numeracy and Document Use.
  • Precisely detects gaps.
  • Free online Learning Plan helps staff to build English, Numeracy and Document Use proficiency, targeting only those areas where deficiencies are identified.
  • Allows re-testing at no extra cost to measure progress.
  • Scores are immediately available.

6) Foreign Candidate Recruitment

  • For Employers in Canada, and now expanded to Employers in the U.S.
  • Under various recruitment streams
  • Full Service

We have been doing Foreign Recruitment for Canadian Employers since our foundation in 2003. And now, we also offer Foreign Recruitment services for U.S. Employers.

  • All types of personnel: From general laborers to trades, technicians, supervisors, customer services personnel, highly skilled managers and professionals, and more
  • Full-Service:
    • Job Descriptions & Job Analysis;
    • Government Applications;
    • Candidate Sourcing:
    • Assessment and Interviewing;
    • Hiring;
    • Visa Processing;
    • Settlement & Integration Services;
    • On-boarding
  • Reach: Dynamic candidate database, plus the best source countries for abundant candidate pool
  • Strong Retention
  • Replacement Guarantee
  • Structured Recruitment Process & Best-in-class Tools

We serve all industries… and we have worked with many.  

Here are a few examples:

  • Health Care
  • Engineering
  • Hospitality & Restaurants
  • Landscaping & Irrigation
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Concrete
  • Manufacturing
  • Power Line maintenance
  • Construction
  • IT & Technology
  • Utilities
  • and more

We have sourced qualified candidates from many countries, and can source them globally:

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7) Immigration Services

  • Now also available for Employers in the U.S.
  • 20 New Services
  • Employer Government Applications
  • Worker and Individual Applications

In Summary

We can help you to source and recruit the right talent, make better hiring decisions, and empower your HR personnel with new generation tools that will create value for your organization. This will reduce costs, increase productivity and profitability, and help you grow. 

Clearport Recruitment and Personnel Development Services

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Remember that your Staff is your Strength.

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