6 Great News about Canada – Vaccine, Masks, Borders, Economy, Jobs & Students

Good Vaccine Coverage in Canada continues to grow. Mandatory Masks and Border / Travel Restrictions are eased. Expectations for Canada’s Economy improves along with outlook for Jobs and International Students Jobs.

1) Vaccine Goals are quickly being met.

Canada is increasing its COVID Vaccine Coverage extremely quickly, and meeting aggressive vaccination goals.

This is based on Canada’s universal vaccination policy, its ability to impressively speed up its daily vaccination numbers, boosting its existing and already strong vaccination coverage.

Universal Vaccination Policy

Compared to other developed countries, and to many others around the world, Canada has implemented a vaccination policy that has targeted -in stages by age and vulnerability- all of its population. See Map below:


Source: Our World in Data

Daily Vaccination

With a population of 38 Million and an already strong vaccination coverage, Canada administered 621,201 vaccine doses yesterday alone, and 2.9 Million in the last 6 days.

Source: COVID-19 Tracker Canada

When comparing how many doses each country administers daily per 100 people, Canada’s current pace of vaccination is also above China, France, Germany, Australia, the United Kigndom, India and the United States, as shown in the table below:



Source: Our World in Data

Vaccine Coverage

Canada’s daily vaccination pace is not only enormously quick; most importantly, it adds to a strong vaccination coverage Canada has already achieved.

Canada has vaccinated almost 69% Total Population with at least one dose, and fully vaccinated almost 40%.

In terms of Eligible Population (those 12 years old or older), Canada has vaccinated almost 78% with at least one dose, and fully vaccinated over 45%. See table below:

Percentage of population vaccinated

Source: CTV News with data from Statistics Canada

Canada Leads Among Key Countries in % of Vaccinated People

Canada is above the United Kingom, Germany, the United States, France, China, Australia and India in Share (or percentage) of People Vaccinnated against COVID-19. This statistic considers, for each country, the percentage of people fully vaccinated plus percentage of people that have received at least one dose. See the following chart:

Share of people vaccinated against COVID-19

Source: Our World in Data

Most Provinces in Canada moving to drop Masks, Ease Travel & Borders COVID Restrictions, and Advance Reopening Plans.

Just like in many other countries, people in Canada are really looking forward to going back to normal, or as normal as can be, as soon as possible.

Thanks to increased vaccine supplies, ramped-up distribution and administration efforts, and the population’s willingness to get vaccinated, Canada’s COVID vaccination coverage has increased, as discussed above.Just like in many other countries, people in Canada are really looking forward to going back to normal, or as normal as can be, as soon as possible.

As a result, the numbers of new cases and hospitalizations across Canada have come down. These positive trends combine with the public’s eagerness to resume work, civic, community, family, and social activities. Add to that the need to continue to reactivate the economy, and you have strong incentives spurring Canada’s Provinces and Territories to start lifting or easing their restrictions.

The Illustration below shows Canada’s trend easing COVID restrictions between March and July 2021:

Canada - Easing Trend of COVID Restrictions

Source: Clearport Team based on national News outlets in Canada

2) The Masks are Off (for the most part)

In Canada, several Provinces have already lifted mandatory masks orders, making the use of masks more discretionary or limiting it to specific conditions or buildings. Every Province has now a reopening plan, and except for smaller pockets of Canada in terms of population, most Provinces that have not already done so will start lifting Mask restrictions soon.

With this, most people literally feel they can breathe, and do so with relief! Being the most visible of the restrictions, facial masks and coverings have been a necessary protection for people globally, but also a symbol of the restrictions that have impacted everyone’s lives, work, and family.

As detailed in the table below, with the exception of Manitoba (which is experiencing a surge in cases), most Provinces have already moved to advanced phases of their reopening plans and significantly eased restrictions, with further easing expected to come shortly.

Canada easing on mask and COVID Restrictions

Source: Clearport Team with data from CTV News

3) Borders are Opening

The Government of Canada no longer requires vaccinated Canadians or Permanent Residents coming back to Canada to quarantine on arrival. This is a significant first step.

Travel restrictions between provinces are also being lifted across most of Canada. This can be consulted at this page of the Government of Canada.

Restrictions are still in place for international travelers that are not Canadian Citizens or Permanent residents, and who are not travelling to Canada for essential reasons. However, mounting demands from various industries and sectors are putting pressure on the Government of Canada to present a concrete plans to open Canada’s borders to foreign travelers as soon as possible, with specific measures and dates. This can give certainty to many industries and economic sectors, including travel and tourism, hospitality, education, and many more, and will allow much-needed International Students, Temporary Foreign Workers, Investors and Businesspeople to come into the country -with a positive economic impact.


According to Global News, the COVID-19 pandemic will soon be over in Canada, although it is hard to say when this will happen in many other countries around the world.

When discussing when will the pandemic be over in Canada, an infectious disease specialist quoted by this news outlet, Dr. Sumon Chakrabarti, said that he thinks “we’re actually there already,” and that we (in Canada) “can open up safely and get to our previous lives now”. This is confirmed by another infectious disease specialist, Dr. Zain Chagla, who agreed that by mid to late August, Canadians will be essentially back to their normal lives.

However, Canada will keep monitoring COVID cases not only in country, but also around the world. In the same article, Global News reported that Dr. Peter Singer, an advisor with the World Health Organization, said “I think people will be surprised to find that in the last week, cases globally have gone up, not down”. While Canada is gearing to go back to normal, COVID cases are still increasing in many countries where vaccine supply has not been available.

The article points out that global goals have been established by the World Health Organization, as the supply of vaccines in many countries continues to be below the demand. Dr. Singer is quoted by Global News saying that “about a billion doses” will be required from now until the end of the year to reach at the “initial targets” set by the World Health Organization: having at least 10% of the population vaccinated in each country by September, and 30% by December.

4) Economy is Improving

The Bank of Canada recently released its Summer 2021 Business Outlook Survey (BOS).

BOS is an important indicator for Canada’s economy, being a summary measure of the main survey questions that gauges overall business sentiment.

The survey shows that confidence in an improved economic outlook is growing among Canadian businesses.

Results from latest edition of BOS indicate a continued improvement in business sentiment. Although some businesses will still have challenges, they are increasingly confident that sales will grow as a result of increased vaccination coverage and easing of COVID-related restrictions.

Business continues to improve

Source: Summer 2021 Bank of Canada BOS

A majority of surveyed businesses reported improved sales prospects compared to last year, and growing confidence that restrictions will be lifted soon. Businesses in Canada expect that wages, input prices and output prices will grow more quickly than a year ago, as a consequence of healthy or improving demand.

improved sales

Source: Summer 2021 Bank of Canada BOS

As shown in the chart above, expected demand growth among businesses in Canada has bounced back sharply in the summer of 2021, following a deep low during the peak of the COVID pandemic in the Summer of 2020 (which was even deeper than during the 2008 world crisis).

As businesses expect a sharp growth in demand, some reported other capacity pressures. Supply chain frictions are expected as a key bottleneck to production, although temporary. Supply problems or shortages issues were expected for a broad spectrum of finished goods and raw materials, with an increase on constraints regarding shipping capacity as a contributing factor; a majority of businesses expect that these constraints will continue through 2021.


Source: Summer 2021 Bank of Canada BOS

5) Jobs Will See Strong Growth

Data from the Summer 2021 Business Outlook Survey (BOS) by the Bank of Canada shows an increase in labour shortage intensity, resulting from a stronger demand and tightening labour markets. Most firms plan to invest and hire staff to meet expected sales increases.

Although the percentage of businesses experiencing labour is still low, many businesses reported an increase in labour shortages compared to a year ago. These results on labour shortages and labour shortage intensity suggest that the excess labour supply is being absorbed.

Labour shortages

Source: Summer 2021 Bank of Canada BOS

As a result, and in combination with the expected growth in demand, a majority of businesses in Canada (well over 60%) plan to hire in the next 12 months.

This is shown in the chart below:


Source: Summer 2021 Bank of Canada BOS

The BOS reports indicates that “Employment intentions are at record-high levels. Most businesses across all regions and sectors plan to hire, suggesting a broadening labour market recovery”.

6) International Students are Gearing Up to Come to Canada

Canada ranks #3 in the World in most in-demand Study Destinations.

The number of International Students in Canada has grown six times in the past 20 years, and tripled in the last 10 years.

In 2020, Canada jumped to rank 3rd in global Study Destinations, only behind the U.S. and the U.K.

Canada is the most attractive study destination worldwide for International Students. This is because Canada has the most complete offering for International Students, including:

  • Quality of education, with credentials that are globally recognized
  • A safe, multicultural, and non-discriminatory environment
  • More affordable Tuition and Cost of Living than other study destinations – Canada ranks #1 in affordability vs. the top world Study Destinations (16% more affordable than the U.S., 36% more affordable than the U.K., and almost 14% more affordable than Australia, per our recent blog post)
  • Quality of Life, ranking in the best globally, with 3 of the Top-10 most livable cities in the world
  • Great Study Program options and choice – 103 Colleges and Universities, and more than 30,000 Study Programs in over 700 fields of study
  • Regulations that allow International Students to work while they study
  • A clear path to a Post-Graduation Work Permit for graduating International Students
  • Job Opportunities
  • A Vibrant Economy, and
  • A clear path to Permanent Residence in Canada

Canada’s attractiveness for International Students is further confirmed by a recent survey report. The survey, conducted among education agents in 73 countries, evidences that Canada’s appeal for International Students continues to grow.


Canada shows bigger improvements than any other country between September 2020 and March 2021, using as key indicator the demand perceived by education agents worldwide. Almost 90% of surveyed education agents agree/strongly agree that they have seen more interest in Canada as Study Destination than for other countries.

This increased interest in Canada among International Students has been spurred by the excellent way the country has managed COVID, in particular with measures targeted at protecting and helping them. The survey cited above indicates that 63% of surveyed education agents rated Canada as “Very Attractive”, well ahead of the UK and Australia, at 51% and 49% respectively. Approximately 75% of surveyed agents agreed that the handling of COVID by the Canadian Government had made it more attractive as a Study Destination.

75% of global Education Agents see Canada as very attractive because of Vaccination and COVID handling

This is not surprising, as Canada has implemented a well-coordinated COVID response plan considering the needs of International Students, both existing and new. Coupled with the extensive vaccination coverage reached to date, the Government of Canada took the right measures and has made the right announcements for International Students. A summary of the most significant of these measures and announcements includes:

Moreover, as a result of the speeding vaccination coverage in Canada, it is expected that the Government of Canada will announce early in July that it is lifting or significantly reducing COVID-related travel restrictions.

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