Canada lifts COVID-19 restrictions by mid August 2021, plus something FREE

Canada readying to welcome international travellers

Canada will reopen borders soon, and Alberta is lifting all restrictions by mid-August. Read more to learn about it and find a few free gifts we’ve added for you.

In Canada, the province of Alberta moves to end COVID-19 restrictions

You read last week in our blog that the Government of Canada announced the country will re-open borders to fully vaccinated non-essential travelers on September 7. Now, the province of Alberta is taking another important step, by lifting all COVID-19 restrictions after August 16, including the need to wear masks (yes, Alberta is going restriction-free).

Many factors justify and support this outstanding step, especially the high vaccination coverage in Canada, low numbers of new COVID-19 cases in Alberta, as well as hospitalization (only 84 people hospitalized, including 18 in ICU) (Source: Government of Alberta July 28 COVID-19 Updates).

In her July 28 press conference, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, explained that “When we first heard of COVID-19, we knew little of the virus, and we had no treatments and no vaccines… Today, we are in a very different place… We need to be looking at how we are going to live with COVID-19… These changes are a necessary step forward, one that will let us keep supporting those who become severely ill, but also help us care for those who get sick from the flu or other viruses.” (Sources: CBC News and Government of Alberta).

As a result, Canada’s “Prairie” province plans to include COVID-19 into the Flu and other viral protocols.

Tyler Shandro, Alberta’s Health Minister, advocated for these outstanding changes to the province’s COVID-19 plan, saying that “The data shows that what the vaccines are doing is making it less infectious and less deadly. That’s a good thing that allows us to move to that endemic response. The pressures on the health system and our concerns about protecting lives are changing… Other provinces know this will be the inevitable next step.” (Source: CTV News).

Supporting the health measures of his province, the Alberta Premier, Jason Kenney, said it’s time to think differently about COVID-19.

“We have to get used to the fact that cases no longer equal high levels of hospitalizations or fatalities… Our focus is on vaccines instead of restrictions as the most scientific response (to COVID).”, Kenney said. (Source: CTV News).

Indeed, vaccination in Canada and many other countries has been taking place.  Good vaccination coverage is aiding Canada and various countries to loosen or lift the restrictions they had imposed because of the pandemic, as coverage expands across their population.

Canada Share of Vaccination vs other countries

Source: Our World in Data

In summary, after outstanding efforts to increase its vaccination coverage, Canada is finally opening up its borders to the world after 17 months of quarantine (starting on Sept. 7), and life will start to get back to normal.  Most provinces have plans to be free of restrictions as soon as possible.

The scenario is quite optimistic for the coming months, once Canada’s economy recovers and the doors open again for foreign workers, international students (High School and University/College), as well as for international business and investments.

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