Canada needs workers in 6 Sectors, with more than 20 Occupations in Demand

Canada Needs Workers-Are you in Demand?Employers in Canada need Workers. Are you a Candidate in demand?

Employers in many sectors need people, but they can’t find the right candidates:

  1. Construction;
  2. Manufacturing;
  3. Hospitality and Restaurants;
  4. Retail;
  5. Computers, Mobile and IT;
  6. Transportation, Logistics and Warehousing;

There are many other sectors where Workers in Canada are in demand.

The list of occupations needed to be filled grows and changes constantly; just as a few examples, occupations where job vacancies are high include:

  1. Sales Representative;
  2. Cook;
  3. Accountant;
  4. Truck Driver;
  5. Concrete Pump Operator;
  6. Engineering Project Manager;
  7. Business Analyst;
  8. IT Project Manager;
  9. Accounts Manager;
  10. Software Engineer;
  11. Recruitment Specialist;
  12. Nurse;
  13. Manufacturing Woodworker;
  14. Healthcare Aide;
  15. Business Manager;
  16. Welder;
  17. Software Engineer;
  18. Mobile / App Developer;
  19. Electrician;
  20. Steamfitter and Pipefitter;
  21. Manufacturing Assembler;

There are many other occupations where workers are in demand in Canada.

As most of Canada’s Provinces are easing COVID-19 restrictions, and Canada prepares to reopen its borders to fully vaccinated travellers by early September, labour shortages can jeopardize the full recovery of Canada’s economy.

Statistics Canada reported that in March (the last month fully reported), about 630,000 positions or 4.1% of jobs in Canada were vacant. This is still well above pre-COVID levels.  

Job opportunities for Temporary Foreign Workers will only grow in the months to come, as Canada once again will need immigration to fuel and drive its economy.

Opportunities for Temporary Foreign Workers

The sectors where Workers are in demand include, among several others, Hospitality, with 68,000 job vacancies in March; Construction, with about 58,000 vacant positions; Health Care and Social Assistance, with 104,000 vacant jobs; Retail, with 75,000; and Transportation and Warehousing, with 31,000 vacant jobs (Source:Statistics Canada)

Job shortages in Canada will increase as the economy speeds up its recovery, as various surveys among Employers show that finding workers is one of the biggest problems that Canadian businesses face.

Lack of immigration is making it even more difficult for employers to find the right workers. Among other reasons, this is because Canadians are receiving enhanced unemployment benefits paid by the Federal Government of Canada, and many Canadians and Permanent Residents want to switch career or will not return to their pre-COVID jobs as the economy recovers.

Jobs where Workers were already in demand before COVID were skilled trades and technology-related jobs.

Although Workers in the skilled trades can earn a good income, the shortage of workers such as plumbers, carpenters, and electricians, to name just a few, has become a constant in Canada. Many young Canadians and Permanent Residents prefer to get a university degree, rather than studying to enter the skilled trades, at a time when many older workers in these trades are retiring in Canada. Workers are also in demand in Construction and Manufacturing.

Immigration is a key way that Canada has historically used, and successfully so, to fill job vacancy gaps.

Source: IRCC Canada

The Government of Canada has acknowledged that Immigration is crucial for Canada’s future, in particular for economic growth. In 2018, the Government announced its Immigration Plan and set ambitious goals, including 341,000 new immigrants in 2020 and 350,000 in 2021. These goals have not been met.

As Canada reopens its borders, more Temporary Foreign Workers will start flowing into the country and the number of new immigrants will grow. Immigration will help boost Canada’s economy.

75% of Canada’s population growth comes from Immigration. 5 Million Canadians will retire in 2035, but they will not be able to do so without economic and population growth supported by Immigration.

Labour shortages that existed before COVID will remain as the Economy recovers. Temporary Foreign Workers will be needed.

As COVID-related restrictions are eased or lifted altogether, borders reopen, and the economy bounces back, demand for workers will increase sharply. After COVID restrictions are lifted, Temporary Foreign Workers will continue to fill growing gaps of Canada’s aging population.

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Employees with Soft Skills needed in Canada!

A recent article by the Financial Post reported that businesses say they are willing to train people if they have soft skills, such as Creativity and Willingness to Learn, and that these soft skills are now more valuable than ever.

Most Canadian businesses say they can’t find qualified employees to fill vacancies, and many say that a key reason is that candidates don’t have soft skills, such as Dependability, Flexibility, and Willingness to Learn.

Employers are willing to invest heavily to train, develop, coach and mentor new employees. Employers want workers that demonstrate a willingness to learn, and that they will stay on the job. Businesses hesitate to hire candidates if they are not dependable, flexible, willing and able to learn, and if they are not committed to stay with the Employer.

Being able to adapt has become highly important. Creativity will also be a critical skill in the decade to come, along with Critical Thinking, Flexibility, Teamwork, Ability to Learn, Continuous Improvement, Problem-Solving, and Strategic Thinking.

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Computer, Mobile and IT Workers with 3 Years of Experience Needed

If you have at least 3 years of experience in one of the 12 occupations listed below and speak English, you are in demand in Canada!

The Global Talent Stream, a part of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, has been designed by the Government of Canada to help innovative Canadian firms in two categories: a) those that need to hire unique and specialized Foreign Workers to scale-up and grow their business, or b) those that need to fill highly-skilled positions that are in demand.

Under the Global Talent Stream, Employers get authorized quickly to hire Foreign Workers. Your Work Permit Application can get 2-week fast processing, too!

The Global Talent Stream List of In-Demand Occupations

Employers can fall under 2 categories to hire Foreign Candidates under the Global Talent Stream:

Category A: Employers looking for Individuals with Unique and Specialized Talent; OR

Category B: Employers looking to hire Highly-skilled Foreign Workers to fill positions included in the Global Talent Stream In-Demand Occupations List.

We will focus on Category B because it has fewer requirements for Employers.

For Employers in Category B, the List of 12 In-Demand Occupations in the Global Talent Stream is:

  1. Computer and Information Systems Managers
  2. Computer Engineers
  3. Mathematicians and Statisticians (excluding Actuaries or related occupations)
  4. Information Systems Analysts and Consultants
  5. Database Analysts and Data Administrators
  6. Software Engineers and Designers
  7. Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers
  8. Web Designers and Developers
  9. Computer Network Technicians
  10. Information Systems Testing Technicians
  11. Visual Effects and Video Game Producers; Technical, Creative, and Artistic Directors; and Project Managers
  12. Digital Media Designers

As a Foreign Worker, you must have at least 3 years of experience in any of these occupations to qualify.

What is the Global Talent Stream and How We Can Help

The Global Talent Stream, a part of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, has been designed by the Government of Canada to help innovative Canadian firms that need to hire unique and specialized foreign nationals to scale-up and grow, or to help Employers that need to fill in-demand and highly-skilled positions.

If you have experience in any of the occupations below, and you can speak English, you can get a high-paying job.

You will need to submit a Work Permit Application that includes a Job Offer letter from an Employer with an approved LMIA under Category B of the Global Talent Stream, and a copy of the LMIA.

You will also need your Biometrics (fingerprints and Digital Photo) taken, and may also need a Police Clearance Certificate and a Medical Exam.

When submitted, your Work Permit application will be processed in as little as 10 (Ten) business days, and soon you will be working in Canada!

Your spouse or common-law partner and dependent children can also qualify for expedited Visa processing when they apply for a Work Permit, Study Permit, or Visitor Visa.

How Well Do These Jobs Pay In Canada?

These jobs pay well.

The table below includes the current Median Wages across Canada for these occupations. These are national averages, and the actual Median Wage by Province or Location could vary depending on the market where the Job is located.


Source: Canada Job Bank

As shown in the table above, the annual gross salary for these occupations ranges between more than $106,000 and almost $55,000 Canadian Dollars.

Invest In Your Future

Clearport can help you to come to Canada using the Global Talent Stream.

If you qualify, you can quickly get hired by one of many Employers that are continuously searching for experienced and motivated Temporary Foreign Workers in these occupations.

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  • Employers in Canada urgently need your talent and skills.
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Benefits for Workers

You and your family will get many benefits if you come to work in Canada under the Global Talent Stream. These are some of them:

  • A good paying job in Canada in your field, with room to grow
  • Quality of life for you and your family
  • A safe country to live in
  • Path to Permanent Residence
  • Continue improving your skills as a professional in Canada
  • More and better opportunities for you and your family
  • Good Grade 1 to 12 Education and Health Care Systems at very little cost (a few hundred dollars per year)
  • Inclusive, tolerant, and multi-cultural society
  • Open Work Permit for your spouse (wife or husband)
  • Study Permit for your dependent minor children
  • Fast Government processing of your Work Permit

And remember, under the Global Talent Stream, the Government of Canada commits to process Work Permit applications in 10 business days, 80% of the time.

Clearport also commits to prepare your Work Permit application quickly and professionally, with full service from our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants. The Employer pays to obtain an LMIA under the Global Talent Stream. However, you are responsible to cover your Immigration Fees.

The Global Talent Stream Process For Workers

Start by booking an Immigration Consultation.

Through your Consultation, our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants will help you to determine if you and your family meet the general requirements of the Global Talent Stream to come to Canada under a Job Offer made by an Employer in the Stream’s Category B. They will prepare a detailed quote and immigration path for you.

Global talent stream process

After the consultation, you can prepare your Worker Profile online through Clearport’s website.

Through Clearport, you will also receive access to SRT, our English Language Assessment and Improvement tool. SRT-the Success Readiness Tool will accurately assess each English skill (Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading) and precisely detect any gaps you may have. It will also create a free Personalized Learning Plan for you, targeting only your gaps, with online lessons and activities you can use to improve.

Then, SRT will let you test again at no extra cost to measure your progress (you can test Listening and Reading 5 times, and Speaking and Writing two times). You can use SRT to test anytime, without waiting to book a test. You can use SRT to test online anywhere using a PC, Laptop or Notebook (not available on tablets or smartphones), with a good microphone and speakers or headset.

Your SRT English scores can be added to your Profile. Your Profile, Resume and English Scores will be compiled in a Job Application. This application will be ready to be submitted to Employers under the Global Talent Stream; having your English Scores included in the application will make you a more attractive candidate.

Based on this Job Application, Employers will interview you to determine the fit between you and the job (i.e., that your experience, skills, and profile match the requirements for the position). Once an Employer makes you a Job Offer, our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants will prepare your Temporary Resident Visa and Work Permit application.

After your application is approved, your Visa will be issued. With this, you will be ready to travel to Canada, where your Work Permit will be issued at the Port of Entry (POE), the airport that you first arrive in Canada.

Then, you will start working in Canada!

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