Hello World! We are Clearport.

Clearport helps Companies, Job Seekers and International Students to grow through best-in-class services… and now we have a nice new website to show it!

Company History

In its origins, our company was dedicated to Recruitment, servicing the needs of Canadian organizations that required the right talent to continue to operate and to grow. Since then, our company has evolved, expanding its HCM-Human Capital Management services to encompass even very senior, internationally experienced professionals in highly technical occupations; adding Student Mobility services to help International Students to obtain a meaningful education abroad and design a roadmap to success; and launching a suite of Market Development services to help companies discover, sell and grow in new, untapped growing markets both locally and abroad. Our three divisions, Market Development, HCM and Student Mobility, have one purpose in common: we help others Grow, always following our four guiding principles: Passion, Transparency, Service and Quality.

What We Do

We have three different services offering to the public, and they include, Market Development, HCM-Human Capital Management and Student Mobility. Our Market Development services help companies to face economic downturns, grow their business and discover new opportunities, by introducing them to new, untapped markets. We are HCM-Human Capital Management & Recruitment strategic partners of businesses and organizations, finding, assessing and recruiting outstanding talent for them. We assist talented individuals to find new career challenges with great organizations. We work with International Students and their families to build a roadmap for their success and an amazing educational experience.

Why Clearport?

In everything we do, we follow four guiding Principles: Passion, Transparency, Service, Quality.

We’re passionate about what we do. We help companies, talented individuals in the workplace and international students reach their full potential. What’s not to like? Our staff thrives seizing the opportunities and managing the challenges that come from this, because we can see the results: Companies discover new, untapped markets, increasing sales and profits while establishing lasting relationships, and in many cases we connect them to talented individuals that become valued members of their teams; Individuals looking for new work and professional opportunities join outstanding employers, and realize their goals; We guide International students through a roadmap that helps them undertake studies abroad, perfect their English, live a memorable, fun experience and grow in the process. So, what we do works. And we do it all with transparency, a sincere service vocation, and the focus on quality that drives us to look after every detail.

Visit our careers page for any upcoming job openings. If you have any further questions about Market Development, HCM or Student Mobility, contact us today! http://clearport.com/contact-us/

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