HCM-Human Capital Management

We have practical HCM solutions to Recruitment and Personnel needs. Our HCM Division supports you with industry-specific knowledge and a passionate team focused on quality of service and total transparency.  Changing markets and a growing competition demand from organizations to continuously improve and gain efficiencies. You require new, innovative HCM solutions. That’s what we’re here for. We work with you for the long term, helping you find the solutions to the core needs of your operation. Our experience in Canada and other countries, together with our direct alliances, strategic partnerships and dynamic candidate data base give us the know-how and tools to contribute from day one.

For Job Seekers, we expose you to great companies. They offer opportunities that fit your profile and long term goals, and in which you can thrive, grow, and build a successful future – see our worker page.

We are with you every step of the way:

  1. Industry-specific Selection and Recruitment
    We work with you to clearly define what you need, so that our Selection and Recruitment process provides you the talent you require. With you, we develop complete, clear and detailed Job Descriptions that we turn into very specific job orders for our Recruiters. Our job orders include duties, qualifications, skills, mandatory and desirable requirements, education, required certifications and much more. With our experience, resources and networks, we find the talent that best fits your desired profile.
  2. Interviewing and Assessing (up to Skill-testing)
    We will interview and pre-screen all candidates to match the job title, duties, requirements, location, wages and more if required. Representatives from your company will then interview and meet qualified candidates, which will undergo the assessment process pre-agreed with you (we have multiple tools to assess candidates). You will find the people you are looking for by the end of this experience.
  3. Pre-training
    Should it be needed, we have alliances with certifying and training organizations both in Canada and abroad to provide pre-certification, training and skill development, even before candidates start working with you.
  4. Settlement and Integration
    Whether an employee is coming from another part of your city or province, or from another country, we will work with you and your new talent to make sure that all settlement and integration needs are addressed. Our Settlement and Integration team has a wealth of experience and understanding in addressing housing and transportation needs, making banking introductions, helping with provincial health care registration and school related needs. Starting a new job or hiring someone new is a challenge within itself;  let us take care of the details.
  5. Onboarding and Candidate Follow-up
    Our commitment to you and to the talent you hire does not end the day they start on the job. We assist with onboarding programs and training, mid term follow-up and even progression plans. We assist both sides with any questions that may arise, even after the talent you hired started working.
  1. Check if you qualify to work in Canada using our Free Eligibility Tool. Once qualified, become a member, create your profile, and add your Resume into our online Data Base.
  1. We will not share nor sell your data.  Also, your registration is confidential: we will not send your Resume to an Employer until we have personally discussed an opportunity with you and you have authorized us to do so.
  1. Once registered, you can come back, Log-In and update your Profile / Resume as needed, i.e. if you added a skill or course, have been promoted of have moved to a different position / company, etc.  Keeping your Resume updated ensures that you get to be considered for more Job Opportunities.
  1. Please make sure to include accurate, up to date contact information, and to update it if you change it.  Otherwise, we will not be able to contact you.
  1. We work with Employers to produce thorough Job Descriptions that define, in detail, the Educational, Experience, Language and Skills requirements, among others, for each particular position that becomes available.
  1. When Employers authorize us to do so, we publish these Jobs in our site for Job Seekers to review and apply to.  However, we don’t publish all Job Opportunities; in many cases, we contact qualified Job Seekers directly when their Profile / Resume matches the requirements in a Job Description. 
  1. We look for the best possible fit for both Job Seeker and Employer.
    1. Because we use an advanced Applicant Tracking System, we are able to instantly match the specific requirements that an Employer defined with us through a Job Description, to those Profiles / Resumes of Job Seekers that best qualify for the position.
    2. Once our automated system suggests qualified Profiles to our Recruiters, they personally talk with pre-selected individuals.  When we contact those Job Seekers, we share the Job Description with them and discuss it in detail.
    3. As part of this process and before presenting any Job Seeker to the Employer as a candidate, we also interview Job Seekers, review their paperwork, check their Work and Personal references, assess their qualifications, discuss if they are available, determine how interested they are in participating in the selection process for the specific opportunity, and explain the next steps.
  1. We are completely transparent: we share with you all the information we have from the Employer, and never charge you any fees.
  1. Registering your Resume / Profile with us is not a guarantee that we will find you a Job.  We do have many Employers looking for talented, qualified individuals in Canada, Mexico, the U.S. and other countries, so by registering your Profile / Resume you make yourself available to them and might be considered for numerous opportunities.
  1. Because our data base is open for Job Seekers to register, we only contact those individuals that have been pre-selected by our Recruiters to discuss a position.  Please, do not email or contact us by phone.  We will contact you if you are pre-selected by one of our Recruiters.

For HCM Solutions for Employers, register as an Employer. We will contact you back.

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