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  • Our Market Development services help companies to face economic downturns, grow their business and discover new opportunities, by introducing them to new, untapped markets.
  • We are HCM-Human Capital Management & Recruitment strategic partners of businesses and organizations, finding, assessing and recruiting outstanding talent for them.
  • We assist talented individuals to find new career challenges with great organizations.
  • We work with International Students and their families to build a roadmap for their success and an amazing educational experience.
Market Development

Your own Sales force, with Canadian standards, international market know-how and experience, and local networks to help you seize new, growing markets.  No fixed costs, we win when you do.

HCM-Human Capital Management

Strategy, Valuation of Positions, Job Descriptions, Selection, Vetting, Recruitment, Transition, Settlement, Integration, Training, Onboarding and more. Clearport offers a full suite of HCM services.

Student Mobility

We focus on students’ needs and preferences, while making sure they meet Government and Education requirements. We help them enroll, obtain a Study Permit, and assist them once they’re here. We also look after Translations, ESL support, accommodations, airfare and transportation, settlement and integration, banking services, up to a clear path to Permanent Residency for Post-Secondary students.

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Samantha explains how Clearport helped find the right HomeStay Family for her, and about her amazing experience with them while studying in Canada. Thanks, Samantha!

Samantha Hernandez
Samantha Hernandez
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