Market Development

Our Market Development services help companies to face economic downturns, grow their business and discover new opportunities.  Your own expert sales force, market know-how and local network, at a variable cost to your business. Seize new, growing markets by contacting us now.

First, we seek to understand what you do, so that –together- we can establish the Opportunity, define Target Markets/Segments, and create a sound Strategy, Mechanisms & Plan to execute:

  • Understand what you do
  • Establish the Opportunity
  • Define Target Market
  • Define Strategy, Mechanisms & Plan

We guide you to enter new markets, from the very basics through to execution:

  • Re-package your Offer for the Market
  • Engage Clients
  • Define Deals or Bids
  • Execute Contracts

We continue providing value for you in the new markets, even after sales are closed, maintaining relationships, bringing new opportunities and expanding your business even further.  To do so, we:

  • Provide Post-Sales Service & Account Management
  • Monitor Market for more Opportunities
  • Build on Success
  • Expand Business
how can we help you?

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Canada  |  U.S.A.  |  Mexico

When you first presented the idea of developing the Mexican market for us, I was skeptical. However, the first trip we did with you to meet prospected clients and partners was the most impressive, successful business trip I’ve had in 30 years.

President & Owner, EPCM Firm, Canada

Clearport - Facilitating your Business Growth

Discover, Sell and Grow with Clearport. Expand your business into new, growing markets through Clearport’s Business Development services and network.

Whether you are a company looking for highly skilled candidates or a candidate looking for a valuable opportunity, Clearport offers recruitment and on-boarding services, progressing careers to new levels.

Clearport will help you expand your knowledge, obtain practical training and guide you through the process of working or attending school abroad.

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